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Candy Cotton


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EQUALS-EU is an EU Horizon 2020 funded participatory, interdisciplinary, and intersectional project structured around a core impact area: create smart, sustainable and inclusive innovation ecosystems by building capacity and expanding networks for women and girls in social innovation and entrepreneurship. 

EQUALS-EU aims to promote gender equity in social innovation by: 

  • Building capacity through multilateral partnerships that strengthen existing and formalize new networks for in social innovation and entrepreneurship; 

  • Creating smart, sustainable, and inclusive social innovation ecosystems in local communities and cities in Europe and in non-European countries in the Global North and South. 


The IHEID (Gender Centre)’s Innovation Camp is one of 24 Hackathons and Innovation Camps taking place across Europe in 2022 as part of the EQUALS-EU project. Each Innovation Camp is dedicated to eliminating barriers to sustainable gender equity in the ICT sector. 

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