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NOW OUT: Colloquium Report: "Women in Tech: Breaking Down Barriers to Female Leadership"

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

How can we break down barriers to female leadership?

In december 2021 the first EQUALS-EU Colloquium meeting aimed at dispelling stereotypes and fostering a gender inclusive ecosystem produced the Colloquium Report "Women in Tech: Breaking Down Barriers to Female Leadership". Outcome of the discussions between over 100 experts from the mobile industry, academia, civil society and international organizations, the Report brilliantly spells out the barriers and challenges for championing female leadership in the digital age, with a specific focus on gender equity and women's digital rights in healthcare. The experts were encouraged to share best practices and experiences from among their sectors and discuss the current state of the digital leadership gap in Europe and across the Eastern partnership alongside the challenges and solutions to bridging this gap.

Read more about the report here:

And Download the full report for free here:

"Why are women in technology important Technology has such an impact on everything today. We need to make sure that the way technology is made can have a positive impact for all; in order to achieve that, we need to hear all voices, including those of women."

Nur Sulyna Abdullah, ITU

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